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Approval of Audiovisual Rights Society of Nigeria (Ltd/Gte) (AVRS)

08 October 2015



In pursuance of the provisions of section 39 of the Copyright Act Cap. C.28, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004, and the Copyright (Collective Management Organizations) Regulations 2007, the Nigerian Copyright Commission, with the prior consent of the Honourable Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, granted approval to AUDIOVISUAL RIGHTS SOCIETY OF NIGERIA (LTD/GTE) (AVRS) to operate as a Collective Management Organization for films in Nigeria.

By this approval, (which took effect on October 22, 2014) the Audiovisual Rights Society of Nigeria (Ltd/Gte) is the only organization which by law is permitted to carry on collective management of rights in films in Nigeria. AVRS is therefore empowered under the extant laws, to engage in the issuance of licences on behalf of copyright owners in the film industry, for public and commercial use of films; collecting royalties accruing from such licences and distributing same to copyright owners.

Members of the Public and in particular, persons and organizations whose businesses and operations involves the commercial use of films, such as broadcasting stations, cable transmitting and re-transmitting companies, advertising agencies; hotels, restaurants and relaxation spots; transport companies including luxury bus operators; airlines and airports facility managers; owners of banking halls; Super stores and chain retail outlets, are by this notice advised to make legitimate use of films or any other audiovisual copyright materials, by obtaining appropriate licence from the Audiovisual Rights Society of Nigeria (Ltd/Gte).

Please note that the use of copyright work without licence or authorization of the copyright owner is an infringement under the law for which violators may be liable in civil and criminal actions.




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