24 April 2017

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in the year 2000 declared 26th April of every year as WIPO Day to celebrate and publicize the importance of IP, IP Rights, their creators and the challenges they face.

In celebrating this year's Intellectual Property (WIPO) Day, WIPO has adopted the theme "Innovation-improving lives". The Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) joins the entire globe to appreciate the role Intellectual Property Rights plays in encouraging innovation and creativity in different spheres of life.

Thanks to Intellectual Property Rights (patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright) problems that hitherto seem unsolvable are being surmounted consistently and progressively improved-on to make lives healthier, safer and more comfortable.

Intellectual Property is no doubt improving the living condition of people in the world, and enhancing the reward system of creators and inventors and consequently encouraging them in churning out new ideas that would be freely available for the next generation of innovators to build on.

WIPO in its analysis of the year's event noted that, "innovation is a human force that knows no pushes the boundaries of possibility, creating unprecedented new capabilities".

It is difficult to imagine a world without innovations to better our existence. Innovations in areas of Education, Clean/Renewable energy, Healthcare, Agriculture and Communication is not only the yardstick for measuring a country's growth and development but an index for Civilisation. 

Nigeria boasts of an array of inventors and innovators across diverse fields whose documented creations is adding value to lives and socio-economic development of societies.

In the area of Agriculture, 2  twelve year old boys, Abbas Mohammed and Shehubi Lawal invented Chaff-removing Machine and a small modern tractor for breaking groundnut, respectively; a Nigerian Engineer, Shehu Saleh Balami, produced 2 Solid Fuel Rockets; while in the area of Heallth care, American-based Nduibuisi Ekekwe, Founder, First Atlantic Semiconductors and Micro-electronics Limited, developed Microchips used in minimally invasive Surgical Robots and was also part of the team that created XL Sensor inside the iPhone and iPad. Tayo Oviosu, is the founder/CEO PAGATECH Nigeria Limited, an outfit that leverages on the use of modern technology to bring financial services to people offering money transfer services, bill and retail payments.

We in NCC join the world to celebrate the great minds behind every innovation and Technology advancement the world has recorded. We specially celebrate our own innovators and creators. We say, thank you for daring to improve our world. Your ideas and Technological innovation is no doubt helping to tackle our shared global challenges such as climate change, health, poverty and the need to feed our ever-expanding population.

Be rest assured that the Commission will continue to initiate policies that will create an enabling environment for creativity and innovation to thrive while also encouraging a culture that will respect and appreciate IP.

Congratulations, as we wish you happy celebrations.


Afam Ezekude


Nigerian Copyright Commission

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